So my good friend, DAGames just released a new awesome FNAF3 song and I think you guys should check it out. It's definitely catchy and well made. Congrats Will ^_^




Thank You!

2015-02-16 06:31:47 by ComicLoverGirlNo1

Thanks so much to my 20 fans out there! I know it isn't easy to get fans so I am over joyed that in such little time 20 of you liked my stuff so much you would make me a favorite. I hope you enjoy upcoming songs I have planned. Thank you again!



Yo guys! Comic here! And now.... Here I am..... ON NEWGROUNDS!!!! *Insert applause here* And well..... after that.... *Scratches head* That's about it...... Uhm. Yeah.... Message me about anything and I'll get back to you ^_^